Leadership in Social Sphere: How political leaders lead?

Leadership skills in politics matter a lot. Because it will affect the progress and development of the country. It is not necessary that politicians of the country should be highly educated. But it is must that they should have excellent leadership quality. This is what makes a complete politician. Here I have listed some fine qualities of leadership required for politicians.

Integrity and Loyalty

Integrity and loyalty are most important aspects for politician. Because they were chosen or appointed to serve the people. Politicians must be honest towards their work so that they can stand on people expectations. Character and behavior of politicians need to have moral and ethical principle. They should be loyal towards their people and the country.


Politicians need to be very practical in their work. They should not act like a boss and impose their decisions and orders on others. Good politician always listen to everyone and take their viewpoint into consideration. Flexibility is very much important for the designated politicians like President and Prime Minister of the country. Because this big politicians are responsible for building international relationship.


Politicians are the one who represent their state or country at the international level. So they need to be updated with every stats and facts. They should be very intelligent in order to take decision on sensitive international topics. Diplomacy is very much important in maintaining strong relationship with other countries. Diplomacy plays an important role in shrewd negotiation.


It is an inherent ability of politicians to influence people and attract their attention towards themselves. Charisma leadership represent good public speaker. To become a charismatic leader politician should be mature and have confidence in speaking. Politicians should always have positive body language. To build faith in public they should have the feeling of compassion and love towards the people. The loyalty in work is must required otherwise this things don’t work for long time.

Strong and Brave

When we talk about any country, its security is most important aspects. The people in the country should feel free to live and happy. It’s a great responsibility of the government of that country to provide safe environment for its people. So politicians should be strong and brave enough to take decisions on security and sensitive matters. In disastrous situation they should be able to provide safe environment to people. Most important thing is, they should not show their strength and bravery for their own purpose.


Politicians can have the vision in the form of political, religious, social and environmental. Politicians must have clear idea about the requirement of its public. They should try to fulfil all the basic needs. Therefore they should work towards the progress and development of the country.

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