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Marketing on Facebook: How to sell your product on Facebook?

BEFORE you know about how you can sell your products, you should know what are the platforms available nowadays. These days selling your products is easy but a bit competitive as there are so many platforms and giant companies are in the market like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon etc. THE platforms which are available let you to sell products or I can say to do business with your respective ideas. To get this, DIGITAL MARKETING is the way you can increase your product’s sell to the vast varieties of customers. DIGITAL MARKETING has divided into different categories such as

  1. Email Marketing :  To generate the business and leads using existing and new clients via email. This type of marketing approaches the maximum clients as everyone using emails for their business.
  2. Social Media Marketing:  Marketing through social media is the best way to reach to the clients as everyone are socialising themselves like billions of people using social media on the daily basis. In this, generating the visitors and increasing the brand awareness using social networks. It basically targets both paid and free marketing strategies. There are so many social sites available for this marketing thing which directly improves your product sale examples are Facebook,  Youtube,  Instagram, Google etc.  And more to helps for fulfilling this growing enormous demands in the market.
  3. Paid Marketing:  In Paid Marketing you can use various channels like websites and different types of search engines to promote your services to customers.  On this type of marketing platforms you can display Advertising on External sites, Advertising in Mobile Application, Video Advertising in Youtube and you can also do the remarking strategies.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation:  It’s a process to achieve top ranks on the organic search results. Search engine ranking can be achieved by following and implementing various tactics in site. Search engine ranks the website on various factors. It’s the part of the digital marketing which directly helps you to improve your products sale. There are so many website which indirectly do ads through Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook is the best option to increase your product’s sale as it helps to reach to the customers who is interested something related to your products e.g If a person is searching something on the search engine it will direct him/ her on the Facebook page and show them advertisement related their keywords that they have looking for this will create options for them to buy what they need.

Steps to follow

Create page: First create page about your product, you can do easy business by just communication through your page. It basically has two categories, one is BUSINESS Or BRAND in this showcase your product and services spotlight your brand directly and could reach to the various customers on Facebook. The second type is COMMUNITY Or PUBLIC FIGURE in this type you can connect And share in your community, organisation,   team,  group or club and then get started with all your information to the further steps.

Shop setup: Its the selection of your shop, just to sell and advertise your products on the created page, this  can be done with the shop selection on the left side of your Facebook page. Then add shop section and follow all merchant terms and policies which is listed on your screen and continue for the further process.

Check out method : After terms and condition, you will see the check out method which is of two types. 

  • Message to buy : let people send you message to ask queries and arrange purchase.
  • Check out on another website: Send people to another website to complete their purchase.

and select the continue button.

Select your shop: After shop selection , add your product which will be seen on the screen. You can add your products in different formats like picture,  videos and  can add some descriptions of your product which you want to sell and setup name and price also. While doing this select appropriate names which will direct the customer on Facebook for example : If you are selling a smartphone you should give a proper name like Mi Note 5 Pro black .

Final selection and sharing : After shop selection, you can feature your product and share it on your page and save this details .

This is the proper way of dealing any types of products on Facebook and sell it directly to  the customers .

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Marketing on Facebook:How to sell your product on Facebook?

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