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Most popular Children’s magazines in India

Most popular Children’s Magazines in India

  1. MOCOMAG: It is the free digital online magazine for kids above 3 years of age. Mocomag covers the things on various aspects related to Biography of a person, Sports, Environmental and Social awareness, Science and Geographical facts, stories, ect. Their main purpose is to make learning more interactive and intresting. They also provide articles on parents and teachers.
  2. MAGIC POT: This magazine is published by Manorama group. They are intented to provide fun to children in a scientific way. Magazines released is basically for the nursery and primary students. Every school activities related to craft, drawing, stories, poems, ect. are presented in a suitable way. Magic Pot is published weekly in english language.
  3. CHAMPAK: This magazine is published by Delhi Press in 8 languages. It contains stories, comics, brain teaser, puzzles, jokes and craft activities. This magazine also allow children to share their stories and drawings. The main aim of this magazine is to explore kids in a broader way.
  4. TOOT: This magazine is for preschooler. Content of this magazine is mainly based on reading, writing, coloring and entertainment activities. Magazines are published monthly and contain upto 56 pages. Their main purpose is to make kids one step ahead of school activities.
  5. Sanctuary Clubs: This magazine create awareness about wildlife conservation and on environment. This magazine is published by Sanctuary Asia group. Their main aim is to inspire people to take part in environmental protection and create affection towards animals.
  6. The Children’s magazine: This magazine is published by Progressive Curriculum Management Council in english language. Their main purpose is to enhance the knowledge of students. They almost cover every school activities and informative stories.
  7. Disney Princess: This magazine is of 52 pages and are most attractive for girls. It contains lots of activities like puzzles, fun stickers, food recipes, magicals stories to read, fun games and craft activities. This magazines also act as a learning platform since it contains topics related to mathematics, personal and social development, expression and creativity, communication and language development and physical development.
  8. TINKLE: This magazine is brought out by Amar Chitra Katha Publication. The main purpose is to spread knowledge and create awareness about Indian mythology. Their motto is to provide learning with fun. Shikari, Shambu and Suppandi are favorite characters in Tinkle magazine.
  9. Highlights Genies: This magazine is also published by Delhi Press. This magazine is for 2-6 years old children. Their main content is based on fun activities and basic skills. It is a very useful magazines to make children a creative one.
  10. Highlights Champs: This is also one of the Delhi Press product. This magazine is for 6-12 years old students. This magazine contain stories, games, fun activities, puzzles, riddles, jokes, craft and interactive entertainments. Magazine also includes subject related items.


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