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Nowadays there is a huge demand of big data. Application of big data can be seen in various field like education, healthcare, government, business organisation, ect. Looking at the current rate of implementation of big data in business organisation and future scope, its big opportunity to have a career in big data. Giant companies are using big data as a tool to run their business activities more efficiently. If you are looking your career in big data then you may think that what all are the areas of work, what are the technical skills required.

Here is the answer, just have a look.

  1. Data engineer
  2. Big data engineer
  3. Machine learning scientist
  4. Business Analytics Specialist
  5. Data Visualization Developer
  6. Business Intelligence Engineer
  7. Business Intelligence solution Architect


Premratan Kushwaha
Mechanical Engineer turned career enthusiast. After facing issues in finding the right job for myself and then realising that despite my degree I don't completely understand the significance of various profiles in the industry, I decided to make career out of helping others in finding the right career path.

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