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Work Life Balance: Signs that you are neglecting your profession

  1. You often feel that you are not getting the required assistance: One thing we have to learn as professionals is to take matters into our own hands. No one is going to do it for you; you are getting paid to do it! So if you get this feeling way too often, maybe its time you think hard about what skills you need to acquire so that you don’t need assistance
  2. You feel your colleagues are not fair to you: You need to understand that professional environment is by nature competitive. You can not expect people to be sensitive your inabilities rather it is your job to overcome those so you get good at your job. And once you prove your worth, everyone around you will like and respect you.
  3. You feel your boss is not a good planner: While in some cases your hunch may be right, in most cases people fail to realise that planning a task is not strictly management’s job. You are the one who needs to accomplish the task and hence you need to be the one who plans it. And if you are ever given a task which you feel requires more time or resources, you should plan it well and then, argue logically, with your superior, about how it can not be done with the designated time and resources
  4. You feel you are not given important tasks: A very good sign that you are not putting in your best is that you feel your boss is playing favourites. It could be true that your boss has some personal reason to do that but it most cases picking the best gets misinterpreted as favouritism.
  5. You feel that no one around you is serious about their jobs: We often tend to project our own feelings on to others, which means that if you are not serious at your job, you will start assuming the same for everyone. For instance, in some situation your colleague could fail to deliver despite their best efforts but your first instinct would be to assume that they are also not serious about their job. This reasoning helps you justify your own behaviour of slacking.
  6. You feel offended when you are criticised: Lastly, but most importantly, the best sign that you are not serious about your job is your inability to handle a negative review of your work. One has to understand that everything one does will not always be perfect. You need to improve to stay good at your job. The best way to improve is to listen to what others have to say about your work. If you are serious about your job, you will always listen closely to whatever reviews you are given.

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